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Securing remote access

With the large scale adoption of flexible ways of working, where users are not just limited to operating out of one location, business today are usually faced with a more daunting task. They must allow large number of genuine employees, partners, customers and devices access to their sites and applications while somehow filtering out those users who intend on committing fraud. Even more troublesome, once security providers figure out how to thwart one type of fraud, a new threat is already at work.

EzIdentity™ User Behaviour Analytics combined with Risk Based Adaptive Authentication is a comprehensive tool that converts existing Username, Passwords into armoured credentials and works in the periphery to transparently monitor user behaviour, network, and device anomalies, to calculate risk associated with a particular user session — all seamlessly and in real time. If a risk is identified, step-up layered authentication can be invoked — leveraging EzIdentity™ multi-factor authentication to determine if it is an authorized access or a fraudster attempt. EzIdentity™ adapts to the users preference of device, location, network, software preferences and intelligently recalibrates the risk score for future access. This not only provides frictionless security to the user, it also significantly minimises the risk to the business. EZMCOM’s multifactor authentication with flexible verification options including – SMS, security question or soft token – to eliminate expensive and clumsy hard tokens.

User enters his credentials and the risk score of transaction warrants increased user verification.

1.The use selects the offline OTP generation on his mobile app

2.User approves access and notification is sent to the business

3.Upon process completion user is then allowed access through company’s internal application.