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Securing Patient Data

The importance of protecting sensitive patient information is obvious; most health care providers ensure that there are PKI based tokens to login as a second factor to the username and password. But what are the costs of doctors just logging into systems to save and access patient’s history? Besides to adding to their fatigue, such mundane procedures like logging in using tokens, takes a lot of time for the doctors costing our large health system thousands of dollars.

However for the healthcare provider the biggest challenge is implementing an easier, yet cost-effective authentication platform to assist in their compliance with regulatory requirements

EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric solution (voice face) is robust, practical and more efficient than other factors of end user authentication .It offers a non-intrusive, hands-free continuous authentication in less than 5 seconds, and can be setup in less than 30 seconds by most users. EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric solution helps address a variety of security challenges that they may experience in the future.

Below scenario a doctor is accessing the medical records system in the hospitals corporate networ using URL.

As the user logs into to the secure webpage, the access request is pushed to the user’s mobile app.

1.The user receives a notification on his mobile to to authenticate using his Mobile App

2.User proceeds to authenticate on mobile phone using their face or voice or a combination of both depending on desired level of risk management

3.As soon as the authentication is completed on the mobile the user gets acces to the medical records suystem