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Securing Mobile Walets

Traditional wallets today hold driver’s license or other government ID. Credit and debit cards. Cash. An insurance identification card. With the strides in M-commerce, Mobile wallets are replacing the traditional wallet cards with just the mobile phone app.

While the technology has existed for a few years now users are still apprehensive to the security that the mobile wallets offer. EZMCOM’s EZtoken with Biometric authentication helps in securing the transaction y using QR code for scanning (such as already used by many airlines for electronic boarding passes), combined with Voice or Face biometrics.

EZtoken can be easily integrated to an existing app and provide biometric security to authorise the transactions.

In the belowt scenario, a wallet transaction is being authorised for Cardless withdrawal at a Bank ATM

1. The user Scans the QR code on the ATM sceen and requests for autorisation

2. User is automatically asked to authenticate using his Face and Voice

3. Bank is provided with the users authntication and unique ATM code. Based on which he user is allowd access to withdraw funds through the ATM