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Secure Privilege User Access

For many regulated businesses it’s crucial to identify one particular user for authoritarian purposes. Current challenge faced by organisations using mobile authentication is largely due to the hardware requirements of traditional fingerprint, iris recognition. However recognising user’s voice or facial features overcomes these barriers and provides the same level of assurance while also producing a strong audit trail for every transaction.

EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric Solution (voice face) is robust, practical and more efficient than other factors of end user authentication .It offers a non-intrusive, hands-free continuous authentication, and can be setup in less than 30 seconds by most users.

The below scenario demonstrates a Remote administrator user trying to connect to a data centre server using EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric solution.

1. As the user logs into to the secure VPN, the Servers access request is pushed to the user’s

2. User proceeds to authenticate on mobile phone using their face or voice or a combination of both depending on desired level of risk management

3. On successful authentication the user is provided access to the server.