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SaaS and Cloud security

While many of the enterprise applications are still on premise, a growing number have moved to the cloud. And as more SaaS applications are added to a company’s portfolio, there is a proliferation of user IDs and passwords. Recent statistics show that users continue to engage in unsafe, insecure practices. They choose common passwords that are easy to remember and, therefore, easy to break. If they have to remember a large number of different passwords, they may write them and post-it on the monitor screens.

EzIdentity™ User Behaviour Analytics requires a simple user enrolment and the, instead of secondary passwords and extra verification codes, UBA engine transparently authenticates the user by verifying that the current session behaviour matches up with the established user profile created earlier. By comparing login behaviour in a current session with that of the registered one earlier, Ezmcom assess the likelihood of a login originating from a specific user with a certain threshold of acceptance.

EzIdentity™ User Behaviour Analytics easily integrates with your SaaS applications hosted on the Cloud providing the users simple, but converts simple passwords into armoured credentials.

The below scenario demonstrates a Remote user trying to connect to a SaaS application using EZMCOM’s User Behaviour Analytics solution.

1. User logs into to the application URL using a normal user login prompt

2.Transparenbt to the user is the Ezidentitity UBA algorithim which derives a risk score iusing the access conditions compared to the unique profile of the user (based on how they normally key in their passwords on the web).

3. An acceptable risk score provides user access to the SaaS application and the user directly views the application home screen