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Solutions for Network Security

Network security starts with authentication.

A company’s network is its backbone of its operations connecting employees, customers and partners from diverse physical locations. Allowing access to essential data and applications core to every business today. With the growing use of mobiles and portable BYO devices for remote access, it’s vital for organisations to review the risks and find the appropriate protections. EZMCOM’s suite of security products provide strong authentication for network security and privelaged access ,which abidingly keeps your network safe from prowling intruders trying to access your networks.

EZMCOMS’s 2 Factor authentication services use a variety of factors of authentication to validate the end users. The primary factor being a username and password and a secondary which can be an Out-Of-Band token, SMS, Desktop or Device App generated token.

EZMCOM’s futuristic biometric authentication as a second factor allows your users Touch ID, face and voice biometric providing frictionless experience with a high degree of security.

EZMCOM’s Adaptive authentication using the risk engine can accommodate existing organisational desktop credentials to access the enterprise VPN from any device. Every access validation is provided with a risk score based (using variety of transactional footprints such as geolocation and velocity) .Any inconsistencies can then prompt the users to provide additional factors of authentication.

EZMCOM’s comprehensive list authentication tools allow reliable secure access to your network technology and convenience for the users with least amount of administrative overhead.

EZMCOM’s 2 Factor Authentication Suite

The third layer, can be triggered when the first two layers scrore high risk durign the login session.

EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric Authentication

Fusion Biometrics is use of multiple biometric inputs in a single session to create a multi-layered approach in Authenticating Users.

EZMCOM’s Risk Engine

The Second Layer, works transparantly to the user in mapping various anomolies in their device, network, application behaviours.