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Healthcare Solutions

A strong access security to protect patent information is required to avoid sometimes-costly lessons

Because the government mandated widespread implementation of electronic health records and other tools, Patent data is now spread across a growing number of devices, which improves care but also increases the risk of data loss or misappropriation.

EZMCOM’s authentication services ensures that Healthcare professionals’ get fast access to data and applications.

By not just limiting to verifying the customer’s identity, but evaluating the risk of each transaction. EZMCOM’s secure, suite of biometric and adaptive authentication provides strong authentication, and also the convenience of secure access to healthcare networks, data and equipment’s. Saving time and adding additional layers of security when required, after all extra clicks can make a difference in a patient’s life.

EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric Authentication

Fusion Biometrics is use of multiple biometric inputs in a single session to create a multi-layered approach in Authenticating Users.

EZMCOM’s Risk Engine

The Second Layer, works transparantly to the user in mapping various anomolies in their device, network, application behaviours.