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Financial Services Solutions

EZMCOM has been delivering Identity Access Management Solution to the Financial Industry since 2006. In doing so a key objective kept in mind

has been how do we increase the level of security without causing user friction to deter such technology to do what it is set out to do.

At EZMCOM, we have always supported the idea of Multi-Layered Strong Authentication for over a decade. Most Authentication solutions deployd are Siloed approaches to

secure user access. We have layered defences inplace which not only work seamelessly hand in hand, but on their outside provide an easy to use interface supported by

their inside – a fortress difficult to conquer.

EZMCOM’s Authentication Technology is a pack of 3 Layers, that are appliance independent and requires no changes to networking infrastructure.


  • EZMCOM’s User Behaviour Analytics ( UBA)

    Supported by Key Board Dynamics with Heat Maps in the Roadmap. The UBA Layer, converts User Behaviour into armoured credentials

  • EZMCOM’s Risk Engine

    The Second Layer, works transparantly to the user in mapping various anomolies in their device, network, application behaviours.

  • EZMCOM’s 2 Factor Authentication Suite

    The third layer, can be triggered when the first two layers scrore high risk durign the login session.

Stack of three Intelligent (3) layers that work hand-in-hand or independently

Whilst we recommend all three layers as a robust solution to securing user access, each layer can be deployed independently to serve the risk profile of such authentication session

  • Security that serves Risk Appetite of Use Case

    Deploy only EZMCOM’s UBA for employee logins on premise, or use the stack of 3 layers to protect high risk remote users with privelaged access

  • Appliance Independent No change to Networking Infrastructure

    All EZMCOM’s technology is deployed on top of existing network and applicances. We do not even require to change the login pages of servers in use.

  • Trusted & Deployed by 50+ banks around the world

    For just under a Decade, we have successfully deployed our technology in banks around the world in USA, UK, Middle East, S.E Asia, Africa & India.