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Solutions for Aviation

In today’s highly connected world, aviation remains a key means of transport and also one of the most regulated industry. With security high on the agenda, airlines need to ensure they can difrentiate their genuine customers and partners from miscreants. As high volume of transactions happenfrom global locations 24×7, access rights need to be tightly controlled and managed dynamically based on the level of access. Any compromise or lower level of overall access security could have disastrous effects to the airline’s reputation and business.

High level of security can often result in long enrolment processes to enable automation. EZMCOM’s Fusion biometric solution is designed to handle the complexities of biometric identity and access management by offering an integrated enrolment, access provisioning within 20 seconds. Providing device independent seamless access every time.

EZMCOM’s suite of authentication tools easily integrate with existing systems and processes come with a stress-free administration system to manage access controls and also maintain audit log of every access transaction.

EZMCOM’s 2 Factor Authentication Suite

The third layer, can be triggered when the first two layers scrore high risk durign the login session.

EZMCOM’s Fusion Biometric Authentication

Fusion Biometrics is use of multiple biometric inputs in a single session to create a multi-layered approach in Authenticating Users.