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Detect security threats real-time

EZMCOM’s Risk Based Adaptive Authentication is a comprehensive risk identification engine that works in the periphery to transparently monitor user behavior, network, and device anomalies, to calculate risk associated with a particular user session


When a user access an application, organisations are at risk when they cannot differentiate between trusted

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Best way to prevent account takeover is to stop it as it happens. EZMCOM’s Risk engine reports on

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Credit-Card or Debit Card Thefts is as old as internet. There is a chance you know someone, who has had their

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One of the most common ways, fraudsters embezel corporate data, is by way of using someone’s true identity, or use

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New User

One of the most common ways, fraudsters embezel corporate data, is by way of using someone’s true identity, or use

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Phishing is the act where criminals try and send email which they make to look as if it comes from a reputable sender

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Identity Fraud has several patterns

Advanced cyber threats targeting global and national financial institutions are growing in frequency and sophistication. In addition, online threats such as phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and Trojans are constantly evolving

Establish fraud risk and a need for further review on suspicious behaviour and inconsistent data elements

High Risk Locations, ISP, Ips

Does the country of the IP address match the billing address country

Geolocation and IP address mismatches

Businesses that serve only U.S. customers can block orders originating from abroad.

Proxy Use

If a browser is auto-configured to use a malicious proxy, users could be redirected to malware-laden Web pages,

Jailbroken or rooted mobile devices

A rooted or jailbroken device is more susceptible to malware infection, and thus the network

Time Zones Mismatch

Tor Transactions

Use Data Mining to Prevent Fraud in Financial Institutions

Data is every where in an organisation, by listing transaction specific data such as email, phone numbers, account numbers, addresses
and adding them API calls, real time business rules can be set to pin point fraud.

Has the phone number
been used by more than
the amount of devices allowed
Is the transaction amount
greater than $5000
Is the email address used a known
email address or coming from a high
risk location
Is the user using multiple email
addresses from same location
In case of Financial Institutions
has the amount of credit applied for
greater than past application
What is an average credit card
transaction ever made on a particular

Set your own Risk Rules

Proof of Risk
Identify devices already associated with victims before.
Risk Profile
Indicates when devices has characteritcs simiar to other risky devices
Get imposter’s Location with real IP
Set thresholds on Number of transactions
or number of devices on active sessions
Watch List
Create your own custom built watch list of device behaviour and anomaly
Age Based
Keep track on history of number of paired devices

A Stich in time saves nine

EZMCOM’s Risk Engine provides a myrid of benefits

Enable end-to-end fraud coverage

Detect and prevent fraud across web based channels and respond rapidly to changing fraud patterns

Reduce financial

Apply proven analytics, detection logic authoring, and EZMCOM’s breadth of strong authentication

Increase productivity and lower operational costs

Streamline fraud operations and support core fraud management functions alert strong

Enhance customer experience

Enable risk-based authentication methods and customer contact strategies for effective fraud

No User Training or Enrollment

EZMCOM’s Risk Engine is completely transperant to end users, it works as a second layer of defence