Our Vision

Our Vision is to make life easy by delivering frictionless user experience, backed by intelligent security

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver customer-centric advanced access security solutions

Our Values


To keep it Simple is harder than complex we believe if something cannot be explained simply enough, then it has not been understood well enough.


Transperancy builds trust ! At EZMCOM transperancy is at the heart of what we do In order to build a community of trust , we give all stakeholders a full visibility into our decision making. we understand this can only happen through honest & clear communication.


Rather than trying to solve problems using the same thinking we used to create them, we aspire to solve problems no one else sees

Listen Thrice, Think Twice, Speak Once

We recognise one of the most sincere forms of respect is to listen to what the another has to say At EZMCOM we aspire to a culture of
Listen thrice, Think twice, Speak once.


Pravat Mishra

President & CEO

The most experienced pillar of Ezmcom…

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Anupam Ratha

Chief Technology Officer

Anupam has a proven track record of first pass successes through 14+ years…

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Deepak Panigrahy

The go-getter for the EMEA region from products to business…

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Parag Lokhande

Vice President

Mr. Parag’s business experience spans across IT, Retail, Property, Product Distribution,

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Global Presence 45+ employees, 300+ Partner consultant