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Black Friday: Hackers are Shopping too!

Phone: Charged.
Cards: Ready.
Game: ON.

It’s “Black Friday”.

But wait before you dive in, make sure you’re staying safe while you shop, and these days it means protecting yourself from online theft.

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year (137M shoppers expected this year during the four happy days of Black Friday sales), with consumers expected to spend over $3B on the day this year – a lot of money and personal data that could be snatched up by the hackers. Our Vice President – Products, Deepak Panigrahy, enlists few ways to shop safely and cautiously.

  • Use Credit Card instead of Debit Card: In comparison to Debit Cards, Credit cards offer users more protections if the card is compromised, and won’t impact your checking account during the holiday season if there’s an issue.

Never provide your banking or credit/debit card information over an unsecured public WiFi network.

  • Avoid Using IoT Devices to Pay: IoT attacks were remarkable not only for their size, but also for the source and nature of the traffic they used. Recent studies have found that a malware, called Kaiten, which targets home routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has now been released to the world at large, under the name Mirai, and targets more than 60 default username and password combinations.
  • Don’t Use the Same Password for Everything: Despite the best efforts of biometric and other security companies like ours, the main method of authentication for online or mobile purchases is still passwords.

Do not use the same password for all online purchases.

  • Beware of Email Receipts for Unrecognized Purchases: Phishing emails have been around since email, and they still continue to “work”.

Shop only at credible, reputable websites, and look for URLs that start with “https”, which are more secure than “http” sites. Remember, Hackers often use “can’t miss” deals to lure unsuspecting customers and collect credit card or financial information.

Remember—hackers are shopping today too along with you. Stay safe, and good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

Fin5ive Winners at BankTech Asia 2016

EZMCOM – Fin5ive Winner for Mobility / Mobile VAS

It is pleasure to announce that EZMCOM won the Best Mobility / Mobile VAS startup at BankTech Asia Conference 2016, emerging as the Fin5ive Winner at the conference. The team got an opportunity to present its new generation mobile based “Fusion Biometric Authentication with ID Proofing”. The ID Proofing through smartphones has been widely appreciated with multiple PoC and pilot requests in government and banking sectors in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Below are some pictures from the event.

Fin5ive Award   Presenting Fusion Biometric Authentication with ID Proofing  EZMCOM Booth at BankTech Asia EZMCOM Booth

Our CTO, Anupam Ratha, presented the new revamped product pitch. Our Vice-President – Products & Global Business, Deepak Panigrahy was also present along with EZMCOM team members. Speaking at the conference, Anupam mentioned,

“EZMCOM is at the cusp of innovating products, bringing the real power of authentication into the hands of the consumer by authenticating users for who they are through features known as biometrics”.

While accepting the award, Deepak mentioned,

“It was a privilege to be recognised for innovation in the category of Mobility/Mobile VAS. Mobile is going to change the way we conduct our banking next few years and I am very optimistic about our biometric journey.”

About BankTech Asia

As the technological environment in this industry is extremely volatile and ever changing, BankTech Asia –Regional Series @ Kuala Lumpur will bring you the latest on what’s hot and what’s not from the industry, while displaying the state of the art banking technological elements that were utilized in creating new tools to boost customer’s banking experience.

For banks in Asia, digital innovation provides an avenue for harnessing some of the world’s fastest growth in the world’s largest markets, with the world’s most advanced technologies. 2016 will be the year that looks not only at the future technologies but also at the application of these various tools in the banking industry to take it into the future in order to become a truly digitized industry.